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About us

AS is one of the foremost IT solutions providers in Iraq for more than 20 years, primarily fulfilling the IT needs of government and private sectors in the areas of Information and Communication Technologies.

With multitude of experiences in the development and implementation of information and communication technologies, AS continues to empower its research and development team to provide solutions using cutting-edge tools and technologies.  
Personnel is continuously trained on the latest technologies available in the market by obtaining international certifications related to their line of work and thereby having suitable knowledge and expertise in providing excellent solutions and services.


has a distinguished range of IT products and services that have been designed and built with the aim of contributing to the efficiency of services to the public and private sectors in Iraq and the Middle East region.

We helped government agencies automate their processes, address their business requirements, and achieve their IT and operational goals.

AS is one of the pioneers of “true” e-government solutions, AS has emerged as one of the top e-government solutions providers in Iraq.

AS has provided its services to numerous clients in government and private sectors from different business areas with projects ranged in size and scope, spanning from a couple of months to several years of project execution and operation.

Business Solutions

With the AS platform for managing electronic content, customers can professionally complete their work in a paperless environment and be in harmony with the era of digital transformation. 

AS helps its clients choose the right solutions according to their needs, strategies and the available technical environment. 


AS products belong to the latest generation of software and are subject to continuous processes of evaluation, analysis and application of advanced technical tools while ensuring quality and flexibility and benefiting from the best experiences and practices used in various tasks, where these products have been developed to cope with different business environments and meet their requirements, which makes these products  integrated and interactive systems with a high degree of security in addition to the advanced technical characteristics.