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Seamless connection between different business units within your organization with powerful DMS system.

Document Management System

(DMS) Automates the process of managing the organization’s documents (incoming and outgoing) both for internal and external sources based on international document management standards and best practices. It is an end-to-end document management solution that captures and records all types of document formats, provides the ability to generate new document using its built-in editor, and manage them until properly archived according to the organization’s planned retention policy.

The system manages the document life cycle processes such as reserving document number, recording document information, assigning, creating actions, workflow, generating reports, archiving, messaging and notifications.

The application also provides built-in tools and other features such as barcoding, scanning, uploading, attaching and linking related documents. In addition, the DMS ensures high level of security based on system access privileges provided to users making recorded documents safe and confidential.

Other DMS Feature

Get access anywhere

A modern web-based platform allows you to access the DMS from any device and operating system. You just need a web browser.